B2B meetings

We arrange B2B meetings for any sector in the UAE, for any company that wish to meet the right partners. Foreign companies willing to enter the

UAE market are in need of meeting the decision makers for their sector – buyers, purchasing officers, general managers, etc. It is not easy to get to these people as they are pretty much occupied with companies from around the world. Therefore, if a company plans to meet the right partners, they should plan much ahead, to make sure the meetings would not be waste of time. Having connections with importers, distributors, super and hypermarket chains, we can facilitate such meetings and prepare them for the foreign companies, to make sure the people they meet will be the ones who are in the position of potentially buy their products.

Workshop & Presentation 

Foreign companies that plan to come to the UAE, especially if it’s first time, they need to be educated, not to make any mistakes and make the

most benefit of their visit. We conduct workshops on commercial/business, legal and cultural aspects of conducting the business in the UAE. We also deliver presentations on how to do business in the UAE. Workshops or presentations about those matters are covered by the CEO of Gulf Business Link, Maciej Bialko, who has vast experience in doing busineses in the UAE. In the workshop he summarizes all of his experience of his 14 years in the UAE, from the knowledge he gained while working for Embassy of Poland in Abu Dhabi as an economic expert, and through his business experience with many years of conducting the businesses, opening companies in the UAE, linking many foreign companies with the GGC ones and representing some of them locally. The workshops and presentations covers all the necessary knowledge on how to enter the UAE market, how to plan the strategy and what to avoid. Workshops can be conducted in the UAE and also in your country. We have lots of experience and delivery of those for private companies, for governmental institutions, during trade shows, prior to the trade shows, prior to the dedicated trade mission or even online.


Apart from delivering the workshop, we support companies willing to enter the UAE market by advisory on what type of company should they

firm in the UAE, where to open company and what are the procedures. We advise about strategy, help to plan what exhibitions to attend or on which to exhibit, what kind of representation to choose and many more.

Seminars, conferences, and webinars 

We organize seminars, conferences and webinars in the UAE and also, very often we are taking part in them. Maciej Bialko, the CEO of the company

is a public speaker and delievered speeches and presentations on such prestigious business forums as "Doing business in the UAE and beyond - agri-food sector", led by the European Commission High Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission, Phill Hogan). He took part in numerous seminars and webinars, including presentations for the governmental entities, such us National Agriculture Support Center. He coorganized and invite guests for webinar for Polski Związek Przemysłu Kosmetycznego, delivered presentation and arranges other speakers from Dubai Municipality. He also delivered presentations for several delegations for leaders of many regions from Poland, such as Lodzkie Region, or Lubelskie Region. In Poland, among many, he was the speaker at the Golden Marketing Conference in Warsaw.

Exhibitions and other events 

We take care of the delegations from Poland and not only. We cover all their needs and requirements: we arrange transport for them,

we arrange transport for them, build stands at exhibitions centres, providing hostess, translators, arrange b2b meetings, arrange entertainment and dinners.

Study Tours

we have conducted numerous study tour from the UAE to Poland and well as from Poland to the UAE. Study tour for particular sector is a great occasion

to show our potential partners our possibilities. We recruit buyers, company owners and other decision makers as well as media, to go to your country for couple of days, see your production, plants, and anything that is related to your business. Nothing is better for bulding the relationship with potential partners than visit in your country and your time face to face together.

Opening company in the UAE

For those companies who don’t know or are not able to be present in the UAE, we help to open company in the UAE to minimize your physical appearance to the minimum and this can save lots of time and money.

Company representation / agency

In case your company is looking to open the branch or separate entity in the UAE but is not able to be present, we can represent your company or work for you as an agent.

Promotional campaigns

we have many years of experience in conducting massive promotional campaigns. We conducted big European promotional campaigns in the UAE,

such as European Bicolored Apples, European Meat, European Quality Poultry or Apples from Europe. Each of those company lasted for 2-3 years and contained all the marketing, PR, advertisement and b2b elements that were done by us. We conducted several advertisement campaigns – for private companies and institutions. On their behalf we helped to choose the right media, we advertised offline and online and helped with social media campaigns.