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About Us

Your trusted partner in the Middle East

Gulf Business Link is a company whose main goal is to help European entrepreneurs considering expanding their business to the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf countries. We realise the challenge that is before us when we take into consideration both the distance, as well as the cultural and language barrier. Our actions are aimed at overcoming those barriers on behalf of our Clients. Thanks to us, the Emirates and other Gulf countries will become available to European entrepreneurs without the need to open a company office in a foreign country. You can count on our help. 
Our service - business consulting is widely understood support for the companies that wish to be present on the UAE and Gulf countries’ markets. In this area, we take up association of trade partners, organisation of b2b meetings and organisation of all kinds of trade and investment missions to Gulf countries. We help companies that are interested in Gulf markets and find strategic partners. We then become the local representatives of the companies’ interests and act on their behalf, leading to an increase in the number of transactions, as well as their value. We are able to design different types of campaigns, which, together with the appearance of the product or service, will appear in the minds of Gulf country consumers.

Knowing the fact of the cultural differencies, we provide business workshops and trainings for entrepreneurs not familiar with the culture. We deliver presentations and trainings on how to do business in the Gulf countries, how to behave, what strategy to plan and what to avoid. 

We have also very good experience in organizing seminars and conferences for our clients as well us we can be excellent support for companies willing to exhibit in one of trade shows, providing them with stands creation, hostess, translators, and last but not least - b2b meetings with decision makers. All that combined makes us one stop shop for any company seriously thinking of entering the Gulf markets.

Your trusted partner in the Middle East