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    If it comes to business workshops,
    finding the right client or organizing
    seminars - you can count on us. We can
    guarantee the best service and will not
    charge you for something we did not



    With us you can reach the right people.
    It took us years to build strong
    relationships in the Gulf region. We can
    connect you with decision makers, saving
    your time and energy.



    Our experts are people with well
    established business relationships in
    the UAE and other Gulf countries. Simply
    rely on us, use our expertise and be

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leader in the connecting Europe with Middle East. To be a trusted and reliable contact point, where entrepreneurs from both sides can easily get connected through Gulf Business Link. There is a gap in the market and businessmen have to use many channels to communicate and even though their efforts are very often for vein. We want to change it and be the contact point and connect those two worlds. Companies from Europe as well as from Middle East countries will be simply enquire about specific product or service they are looking for or they want to offer, and we will make it happen. We will also facilitate smoth process of the next steps, especially marketing part of entering the foreign markets. We are also very experienced in providing trainings and workshops on how to do business in the Gulf countries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the connection between Europe and the Middle East better. Thanks to the right contacts on both sides, we are determined and experienced to make the signifficant difference. "We are here not only for profit, we want to be successful in what we are doing and success is that companies using our service will become successful. Their success is our success" -Maciej Bialko, Managing Director of Gulf Business Link.